Arrow Season 2 Finale – Instant Reaction!

What an episode?! BJ and Koby can’t believe everything that just episode! What would you rate the Arrow Season 2 Finale? Listen in as we do a quick instant reaction. Full review will come next week!unthinkable


City of Blood and Instant Reaction to Spiderman!

Another week, another review!  City of Blood slows things down a bit, but are we okay with that? Also, the Amazing Spiderman 2 came out over the weekend. Listen to BJ and guest instant reaction host, Dan, as they give their immediate review.



The Man Under the Hood

The Man Under the Hood, written by Geoff Johns. The Arrow and Deathstroke face off, and Laurel finds out the Arrow’s secret. Was it as good as advertised? Find out what we thought here! Arrow Under the Hood


Captain America Winter Soldier Movie Review

We are back with our Captain America Winter Soldier Review! We bring your all our thoughts on the movie with special guest host Matt Anderson! It is a spoiler filled episode so if you have not seen the movie you are warned now!



Suicide Squad!

Koby is back from Florida, and we have a brand new episode of the Green Screen Podcast! We’ve got news and the Suicide Squad. Unfortunately there are some sound issues, but we hope you still enjoy it! arrow-suicide-squad-cw